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About Us

Global Supply Chain Management is one of the leading home construction management companies in the region and prides themselves on their professional reputation.

Since 2001, we have provided excellent management and leadership, for hundreds of clients and worked on thousands of projects, bringing clear and efficient strategy to their delivery.

For any construction project to be successful it needs to achieve three things;

  • Advice in energy efficiency from a trusted professional
  • Skilful cost and budget control
  • Efficient project management.

Global Supply Chain Management can provide all three of these elements to your construction project.

We have the skill set and the abilities to bring your dreams to fruition, and on time and within budget.

With more than fifteen years experience in project management within the construction business, we have built up a fearsome reputation for reliability and efficiency.

We have hundreds of permanent clients, who choose to use us, time and again, for their various projects.

In the last five years, our management firm has doubled in size and this success looks set to continue.

Having a larger pool of resources to call on, means we are in the unique position of being able to source the exact right team for your needs.

Whether it is a domestic extension that needs completing, or the overseeing of a multi-million dollar development, we can manage both with ease. And we can also supply the most experienced professionals for either type of project.

Our crew includes project managers, architects, engineers, finance managers, sustainability experts, plumbers, heating engineers, electricians and many more professionals whom you might need to call on.

Because all our staff are in house, there need never be a problem with finding someone to undertake the job you need doing.

So whatever your construction project is, our team can supply your needs - large or small.