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Although as any asphalt paving contractor from will tell you, seal coating your road, parking lot, paved area or driveway is always a good idea, there are still some times when it is not possible to do it. 

A timely applied seal coat may extend or even double your pavement or road’s lifespan. With that in mind, then why would you not want to do it.

Some companies such as Global Supply Chain Management and other reputable asphalt paving companies offer seal coating as part of their standard package when it comes to laying asphalt.

But, not all companies do and for many, this is an extra which much be purchased separately. However it is one that needs to be done and that is why we think it is so invaluable that it is offered all as part of the service.

It is not only just the performance and the lifespan that a quality seal coat can add to your newly lain asphalt driveway, road, parking lot or paved area. The appearance is also drastically improved by its addition.

In short, seal coating turns your asphalt from a kind of gray color, to a shiny black, which looks far more attractive.


Most business and home owners will probably be aware of the need to weatherproof their asphalt parking lot or road before the worst of the weather sets on.

This is mainly because water – mainly standing water – is detrimental to asphalt. It seeps inside it and can damage it structurally.

And when the weather turns from rain to sleet or snow, the damage gets even worse.

It is not just the harshness of the temperature outside which is a problem for asphalt. It is actually the freeze and thaw cycle of the water on the asphalt driveway or parking lot which is the main source of trouble.

When the water freezes and becomes ice, it puts strain and pressure on the asphalt, making it likely to crack underneath the burden of it.

Then, when the ice melts and becomes water, it expands and water trickles into the pores of the asphalt.

Both parts of this cycle are highly damaging to asphalt and this is why an asphalt road or surface always needs to be seal coated, well before the winter rolls around.


Although business owners may realize the importance of getting their asphalt parking lot seal coated before the onset of winter, they may not fully appreciate the importance of having it done in the summer.

This is because, depending on the state and area you live in, summer is the last month that dry weather can be guaranteed in.

Sealcoat is a liquid and therefore needs time to dry properly in order to be effective. Naturally, the presence of the sun will speed up the drying time. In short, the hotter the weather, the quicker your sealed driveway or parking lot will dry in.

The later on in the season that you leave it, the higher the chance is of falling rain and cooler temperatures, to set you back on both scores.

The ideal climate for seal coating operations is a warm, dry one, with no chance of rain or night chill.

The cooler and wetter it is, the longer it will take and the greater inconvenience this places on your business, in having to close roads or the access to it.

The golden rule is that temperature needs to remain at 50f or above to seal coat effectively.

It is possible to seal coat asphalt in the Fall, but a lot depends on the weather forecast – so check with a professional asphalt paving contractor today!